A support group for friends and family to help us lose weight and get fit and feel good about ourselves so we can be better sisters, mothers, wives and better servants of the Lord.

Monday, April 09, 2007

New Start Again, Again

Today is the first day of the rest of my life again. Alexander and I have made a Post Easter Feast commitment to each other to each lose 30 pounds by September 1st. It doesn't seem that hard, does it? It is only about a pound per week.

I just ordered this game that has received excellent reviews, The Fitness Game or something like that - we will take whatever help we can get.

My mom left this morning and she told Alexander that if he could lose the 30 pounds by Sept 1, she would buy him a Nintendo Wii. That is the only way he will ever get that thing, so he is pretty motivated right now. I am hoping his motivation will be my motivation too.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Getting Back on Track

Okay ladies.
I haven't posted in 8 months. Pathetic. The good news is that I'm not really all that much fatter than I was last time I posted. The bad news is that I could have been 50 pounds thinner by now. Rather than get depressed, I am trying to lift myself up by my bootstraps and get back on board again. No one else has posted either are you all doing? Let me know. If you have some good tricks, let us all know? How is everyone doing on their weight, exercise regime? Maybe everyone who wants to take part can chime in and we can support each other. Hope to be hearing from you soon.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Well, I knew salt was bad for us, but I never knew to what extent. I have been reading Gillian McKeith - You Are What You Eat and also doing some other research. As you all know -- I have stubborn fat and it is hard to get rid of. Gillian M. says that Salt is one of the 3 worst things for you; salt, sugar and fat. Also, I've recently learned that salt is an appetite stimulant! You know how when you eat Chinese food, you can stuff yourself and then an hour later you are hungry again? Well, there you have it -- Chinese food is full of salt.
Stay away from it and see what happens!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Great Website!

Hi Ladies!
I found a great web-site

If you logon and create an account, you can use it as a journal of eating and exercize. You plug in what you ate, how much activity you got for the day and it tracks everything -- very cool.
See you tomorrow at church for our walk.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 9

We had a great time on our temple trip. I did pretty well with food and I felt like I got lots of exercise since I had to go up and down the stairs and out to the car a million or so times! I did eat a taco salad at the base but refrained from anything more sinful.

Donna is walking with Ronde' and I now and that is so nice. We are going to start meeting on Tuesdays at the church again. I think the support is so important.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Well, it really hit me today - I gained 1.6 kg over the long Easter/Potluck/Dima's bday weekend. That is just shy of 4 pounds. I was saved from drowning in a sea of depression and cool whip by my dear friend Stephanie. We met at the church today and walked for nearly 2 hours! Whew, I was sweating when I got back in the car - but it really made me feel better. I am sure that those endorphins kick in with excercise because I always feel so much better.

I did well food wise today - no treats or sneaks. But I skipped lunch, but still managed to not overeat at dinner. Hope you all are doing okay?

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Whew. It's almost over....
I survived the potluck - well, just barely. I had a fair portion of food, but lost it at dessert - there was just so much yummy stuff.

Today - Easter. I didn't get the kids too much candy this year - they each just got an Easter Bunny and thats it. So, I didn't have a bunch of stuff around, that was good. We ate leftovers and maybe I ate a little too much, but not too bad.

Tomorrow is Dima's bday and I'm making cake now - will the torment never stop????

Well, we start again - each day a new day.
I was so glad to go to SS and RS today, it really cheered me and helped with my perspective.
Hope you all are doing okay. I'm getting really excited about our temple trip. Yippee!